Vibration Shaker

Vibration Shaker

Electrodynamic vibration test systems has a wide range of applications in the fields of aviation, aerospace, defence, military, shipping, rail transport, automotive, electronics, packaging. It can be used to assess the structural strength and vibration resistance of products, detect faults and defects, optimize the design and manufacture of products, and improve the working performance and safety factor of products.

GWS Test Instrument Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of overall dynamic environmental testing solutions. GWS embraces over 50 shaker models with the exciting force covers 500N~600KN, frequency range covers 5~4500Hz, displacement covers 25/51/76/100mm, which can meet the vibration test requirements in various fields.

Air-Cooled Series Vibration Test System

The air-cooled series electro-dynamic vibration test system exciting force ranges from 1kN~70kN, which is featured by high operation frequency of armature, excellent index, high reliability and easy for operation.

Water-Cooled Series Vibration Test System

The water-cooled series electro-dynamic vibration test system exciting force ranges from 25kN~400kN, which is featured by large force, high cooling efficiency, high bearing capacity and excellent guiding capacity, which are suitable for large specimen test.

Standard Series Vibration Test System

Standard series vibration test system is a personalized product for designers with the characteristics of small size, compact structure, low energy consumption, easy installation easy operation and convenient movement.

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