How to size your shaker

Three key elements of shaker model selection:

Determine the required exciting force

Step 1: Decide whether the head expander/slip table is required as according to specimen information and test direction;
Step 2: Pre-select a temporary shaker model, find the armature mass and corresponding head expander/slip table mass;
Step 3: Calculate the required exciting force

Formula:F = (m1 +m2 +m3 …+mx ) × a
Where: F -Force (exciting force) (N)
m1 – Mass of armature (kg)
m2 – Mass of auxiliary table (Head expander or slip table) (kg)
m3 – Mass of specimen (DUT) (kg)
mx – Mass of others (Including fixtures and mounting screws) (kg)
a – Peak acceleration(m/s2

Example: the mass of specimen is 20kg with the size of 280x280mm, the mass of fixture is 10kg, peak acceleration 15g.Only test in vertical direction is required.

Pre-select shaker model TS10-240 with the armature mass of 10kg, and mass of head expander VT300 is 10kg.

m1 – Mass of armature = 10 kg
m2 – Mass of head expander = 10 kg
m3 – Mass of specimen (DUT) = 20 kg
mx – Mass of others (kg) = 10 kg
a – Peak acceleration =15g = 15 x 9.8 = 147 m/s2
Then: F = (m1 +m2 +m3 + …+mx ) × a=(10+10+20+10)×15×9.8=7350N

The sine force of pre-selected TS10-240 is 10kN, that is, 10000N>8820N

Therefore, TS10-240 can meet the force requirement of customers. Otherwise, select models with higher force.