Power Amplifiers

Power Amplifiers

PWA series power amplifier is composed of power exchange unit, electric control unit, signal modulation and protection unit, driving unit, power amplification unit and human-machine interface, etc.
The main features including high reliability, high efficiency, energy-saving, flexible and compact structure.

Power range

0.1~600 kVA

Output voltage

150 Vrms(rated), 180 Vrms(max.)

Input impedance

≥10 kΩ

Signal-to-noise ratio


Harmonic distortion (resistive load)

< 1.0 % (typical value)

Output current

≤ 4000A(200A step increase)

Output current crest factor

≥ 3

DC stability

Output terminal zero drift≤ 50mv/8h

Frequency response DC ~5000Hz

± 3dB

Medium-frequency gain

≥ 80

DC/ AC conversion efficienc

> 95%

Load type

Resistive, capacitive, inductive (optional)

Parallel operation current unbalanceness

≤ 1%


≥ 3000(Hours)

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