Slip Table

Slip  Table 

The slip table is a horizontal auxiliary table of the vibration shaker. The function of which is to transmit the motion of the vibration exciter to the test piece in horizontal direction, or to support a large test piece in the horizontal vibration test.

The selection of slip table is based on specimen dimension, required load, required maximum anti- overturning moment and testing conditions.

Except for the listed models, more models are available according to customer requirements.

  • Large rigidity and convenient installation & adjustment, simple connection and high efficiency;
  • Inclined hole connection method is adopted between slip table and armature, featured by strong transmission rigidity;
  • Adopt specially designed key groove thread inserts with high strength, excellent consistency and good reliability.

Low Pressure Slip Table

Bearing: V-typed
Size (mm): 300*300~2000*2000
Sine frequency (Hz): 2000

Medium/High Pressure Slip Table

Bearing: MP series (T-typed)/HP series (Hydro-static type)
Size (mm): 800*800~2500*2500
Sine frequency (Hz): 2000

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